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The material plastic can be used in many different ways and it is impossible to imagine our everyday life without it. On the one hand we manufacture to customer order, on the other hand we also implement our own concepts from the initial idea to series production.

Our own and novel modular chain system, which we have developed for conveyor technology, is an example of our expertise. The individual systems can be used in a wide variety of ways for many automation tasks. Whether it is an indexing conveyor, an accumulating conveyor or an ascending conveyor, with this system we always find an efficient solution. Here are some examples:

The hedgehog conveyor

Everything meshes perfectly and stays on track. Here, for example, media (books, magazines, CDs, games,…) are transported in a library. The media can be returned by the user via a return station – automated – 24 hours a day.
In this case, the media are lowered into the sorting room via the lift. The media are very sensitive and different (from sheet music to 6 kg compendium).

ErgoWall - the rotating climbing wall

The rotating climbing wall from the module P80

Conveyor belt

KLT Buffer as modular belt solution

Two modular chain conveyors as accumulation system for buffering injection moulded parts

Two modular chain conveyors as accumulation system for buffering injection moulded parts

Happy breath respirator FFP2

Happy breath dust mask FFP2

Respiratory protection for industry and trade

From the initial idea to series production, the Happy breath respirator is Made in Germany by HAPP GmbH. We are proud of our product. Until now, our mask was supplied exclusively to the German Federal Government and is now also available from us.

Petri dish with cover

Automated sample carrier
Based on the requirements, three different
plastics were combined.

Petrt bowl with cover
Rhizotron carrier

Rhizotron carrier

Hybrid carrier 400 x 800 PCAB Injection moulded carrier/ PC pane / VA frame / bolting and reinforcement system made of VA

Battery Packs

The batteries for e-bikes have special requirements: They must be securely packed even under extreme vibrations. We developed and produced the carrier system in cooperation with a network partner.

Battery cell holder
PVC floor tile

PVC floor tiles

That fits one in the other … the floor tiles in the format 50 x 50 cm are highly durable and antistatic. With the special ventilation system on the bottom prevents the formation of moisture between the plate and floor. Use in workshops, warehouses and suitable for high loads.

Sports and fitness equipment

2K plastic injection moulding carrier, PAGF/TPE incl. Cover and clamping device

Praep sports equipment

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Ulrich Berg, Operations Director Happ GmbH
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Tradition and innovation in plastic injection moulding and mould making

Our success proves us right: being agile, trying out new things, and that combined with the competence and knowledge of a long company tradition.

We develop ideas, create concepts, plan, design and implement – with an experienced team of around 60 employees, a lot of passion and love for our work.

“Especially our latest product – the Happy breath respirators – reflect our way of working and passion for our products. An idea becomes a prototype, a design drawing and finally a production unit. We developed, built and programmed the special machines ourselves – that’s the greatest thing for me when everything finally fits together and the product rolls off the production line,” explains Ulrich Berg. “Developing and manufacturing the FFP2 certified respirators was not the end of the story, however; in order to obtain certification from Dekra, many applications had to be submitted and hurdles overcome. In the end, everything fit and so we have been supplying the masks to the German Federal Government since August 2020.

The highlight of our mask is that the breathing resistance is very low, making it comfortable to wear even during physical activity. In addition, the filter material is odorless and the filter can be changed independently of the carrier system. The sustainability aspect was particularly important to us in the development of the mask! Currently, we are expanding production so that we can directly offer the Happy breath respirator. Just take a look: www.happy-breath.de

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